ERGO 609 - School computer desks

A new design of school desk which can handle electrical and computer networks, ERGO 609 can accommodate both free-standing and recessed screens.

St Marc High School (Nivolas Vermelle, France) - Credits : Jean-Jacques BERNARD

UNIVERSAL LEGS: Patent n°09/56980 of 7 October 2009. 
The ERGO 609 furniture system anticipates the needs of school furniture in the coming years in terms of the use of laptops and digital tablets. Furniture must allow equipment to be connected to networks, or simply for their batteries to be charged. The ERGO 609 with recessed screen can be used as a "console" and allows tablets, laptops and documents to be stowed and secured. 
The ERGO 609 furniture system is ideally sized for schools (depth 60, width 70 for one student and 60/140 for two students). 

  • ECONOMICAL: a single leg for two tables saves money and allows the user to assemble them quickly.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: fewer materials, less packaging and lower transport volumes
  • MODULAR: easily configured in rows and islands or as open or closed meeting tables in all shapes
  • ADAPTABLE: the universal re-usable leg, which can be positioned on the left, on the right or in between, makes it quick and easy to reconfigure them
  • SECURE: protection for the screen, the CPU and cables as per the NF C 15 801 standards, also providing electrical sockets.

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the specifications at any time without prior notice. The information and photos included here are for informational purposes only and are not contractually binding. 

A few customer references

Médiathèque de Moulins Communauté (03)

Desks range FORMAT + with foldaway screen. The white color is optional

Saint Marc School

The classrooms of Saint Marc School have been equipped with desks with

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