A traditional multi-use desk from the FORMAT PLUS range, it is also has fans outside of multi-use rooms, it is often used for INSTRUCTORS’ PODIUMS and meeting tables.
A screen up to 21" is attached to a metal plate conforming to the VESA 75 and 100 Standards under a 5mm sheet of tempered glass.
It is inclined and fitted perpendicular to the user so as to be highly ergonomic and to prevent back strain.
The desk comes with a retractable keyboard and mouse stand.

NEW WORK SURFACE DIMENSIONS: length 80, 120 or 140 / depth 80 or 70cm. 
CHARACTERISTICS AND OPTIONS: for more information click on the icons in the “Technical options and accessories” section at the bottom of this page. 
CPU STAND OPTIONS: 7 optional CPU stands. 
RETRACTABLE STAND for keyboard and mouse as standard with this desk. 
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT LEGS: 5 positions from 64 to 89 cm. 
POWER SUPPLY AND CABLES: integration of standard cable guides with separation of high and low currents. 
INTERCONNECTING DESKS: the attachment plates provided allow desks to be connected together in all configurations. 
ADDITIONAL WORK SURFACES: 4 corner pieces in two depths to create islands and semi-circles for meeting tables. 
OPTIONS: back board. 

Connection corner pieces

Four corner pieces at 45°,60°, 72° and 90° allowing the construction of many types of work

Wire management

Electrical cables are passed through a 195 mm wide channel connecting the legs under the

Back board

BACK BOARDS for FORMAT PLUS desks in 80, 120 and 140.  A metal board in 10/10ths of

Work surfaces

All work surfaces in the FORMAT PLUS range are made from 23 mm E1 high-density chipboard

Connecting desks together

Each corner of the work surface is fitted with a metal insert to which the connection

CPU stands

OPEN CPU STAND: a tray providing adjustment and locking of the CPU in terms of width and


You can also fit a set of rollers (2 with brakes) to desk legs instead of jacks.


FORMAT PLUS foldaway screen

NEW WORK SURFACE DIMENSIONS: Length 70cm / depth 70cm / and length 80, 100, 120 or 140 / depth 70 or 80cm.  NEW

FORMAT PLUS freestanding screen

NEW WORK SURFACE DIMENSIONS: Length 70cm / depth 70cm / and length 80, 100, 120 or 140 / depth 70 or 80cm. 

A few customer references

Médiathèque de Moulins Communauté (03)

Desks range FORMAT + with foldaway screen. The white color is optional

Saint Marc School

The classrooms of Saint Marc School have been equipped with desks with

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